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The Images Database & Support Center

IDSC is a scientific and technical research support service created with the goal of providing services and advice in acquisition, processing, analysis and image reproduction to the academic community. The IDSC has adapted to the needs of researchers, including new services and equipment according to their requests and/or contributions.


Publication Centre for Scholars & Researchers

The Centre offers support modules designed to assist PhD candidates, early career researchers and staff with transforming their research into writing for a non-specialist audience, and to achieve final publication.


Conferences Organization Sector

Future Technologies & Innovations works on planning, organizing and seeing through the whole process for organizing a successful academic conference. Our previous events went all the way until the final publication of accepted papers by IEEE Xplore Digital Library. ICEELI ' 2012 Publication Link
ICITeS ' 2012 Publication Link
ICCMA' 2013 Publication Link
ICCAT' 2013 Publication Link
ICITeS 2013 Publication Link
WCCIT 2013 Publication Link
ICCMREA 2014 Publication Link